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Paddle Marathon 2

Our most powerful paddle
Marathon 2 paddle fixed
  • Marathon 2 paddle fixed
  • Marathon 2 paddle fixed
  • Marathon 2 paddle fixed
  • Marathon 2 paddle fixed
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Marathon 2 paddle fixed

Our new SUP Marathon 2 paddle is a winner. With all the information and customer feedback we gathered from the 1st version, we were able to make it even more performant and tolerant. We have also completely reviewed our manufacturing process and developed a new custom sandwich full carbon construction. We were able to produce an extremely strong and lightweight paddle with weight below 490g. And despite that extremely light weight paddle, we added an ABS edge protection to it.

Shaft and blade high reflex combined to extremely lightweight construction and surface of 640cm2, reduced from previous version, allow low cadence strokes without any loss of power. Best suited for competition, muscle building fitness and racers that are looking for the ultimate performance.

Sent cut to your length, to choose when ordering.
Max length: 210cm

Our paddles include a handle covered with EVA foam for better grip and as they are high technology items with a perfect finish they are are therefore delivered with a strong full size Mb-fins paddle bag for free.

To help you choose your paddle length, have a look at the presentation page.

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