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Trailer set
  • Trailer set
  • Trailer set
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Trailer set

Unique and very innovative tri-fin concept developed on the "Trailer wave" boards from Patrik Diethelm with our fins, the "trailer" setup is made of a pair of Twinzer fins to the front with a single small QT fins to the back.

Used in competition by PWA riders Karin Jaggi, Steffi Wahl, Dany Bruch and Ricardo Campello with a lot of success.

This is the most versatile fin set up at the moment. Choose your grip by moving the small QT trailer fin, closer to the Twinzer fin for a looser feeling and further from the Twinzer fin for more grip.

Twinzer fins length available from 14 to 17cm (each 0.5cm)
QT fins length available from 8 to 12cm(each 1cm)

Sail size from 3.4 to 5.7m2

Choose fin boxes when ordering within US box, slot box or mini tuttle box

To get some advice about fin size combination do not hesitate to contact us
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